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CareHome Online dated 17/10/18

Service Evaluations of MSERV to be offered to NHS England

A new pain management system for hospitals is launched today

LONDON, 13 MARCH 2018: Mvine and HealthTech-IT announce today they have joined forces to offer Services Evaluations of ‘MSERV’, a new integrated pain management system for hospitals, starting with NHS England. Working together as digital technologists and medical clinicians Mvine and HealthTech-IT believe a significant market demand exists for digital technology able to join up the needs of patients in Acute or Chronic pain, Pain teams and Hospital administrators.

The move comes as the allure of rich rewards in a growing healthtech marketplace proves irresistible for established tech firms as well as niche start-ups able to answer real world problems. Today’s announcement coincides with Futures Healthcare 2018, which opens its doors today at London Olympia Central Hall and runs for two day (13-14 March), where MSERV is to be commercialised for the first time following research and development and multi-phase clinical trials.

Frank Joshi, Director at Mvine, said: “2018 is the year in which established technology firms as well as starts ups begin to realise some rewards from healthtech market; there will be remarkable new innovations likely to change forever some ways of working in hospitals and clinics. Mvine delivers core technology for MSERV which has been designed in collaboration with two consultant anaesthetists, Dr Martin Lees and Dr Stephen Cone who are co-founders of HealthTech-IT, an m-health start-up.

Dr Martin Lees, co-founder at HealthTech-IT, said: “MSERV software is the result of a five year research and development project supported by funding from Innovation UK and University College London Business (UCL Business) and most recently in-depth clinical trials at University College London Hospital (UCLH). The area of pain management is ripe for innovation; there has been no major leap forward since the introduction of the Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) device 25 years ago.

MSERV delivers better outcomes for patients and clinicians through a highly secure information system that is accessed in 2 ways – firstly, data collection through the mobile app made available to patients and secondly, real-time data insight through the web interface for clinicians to see their patient data. Hospital administrators also stand to benefit from the information in the MSERV system, for example in optimising resources of nursing and consultant staff as well as for important performance indicators such as those needed for Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) scheme.

Mvine and HealthTech-IT will establish a separate operating company for sales and marketing of MSERV software to NHS England and beyond. Service Evaluations with four institutions have already been arranged and an announcement about these is expected next month.

Service Evaluations will typically include a deployment of a full working version of MSERV in a single ward within a hospital. The software and support will be delivered over several months at rebated cost to the hospital procurement department in anticipation of successful completion and a decision to wider roll out to further pre- and post-operative wards or even to all wards looking after patients from all surgical specialities that the hospital offers, when a license fee is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.


For more information please contact: Joseph Spear 07913 662777

Notes for Editors

MSERV is designed to be used by patients and medical professionals to improve patient experience and make better clinical decisions using real-time data collection and analytics. MSERV is a mobile application for patients to report data in real-time. MSERV is also a secure SaaS based software dashboard for clinicians to gain insight and make decisions based on the data.


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